Minority Outreach Program

Minority participation is encouraged on all UM construction projects.  The General Contractor or Construction Manager shall be required to identify and qualify minority subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors and shall invite them to participate in the project throughout the bidding or buyout process.  Minority subcontractors shall be given an opportunity to bid and shall be given fair consideration throughout the process.  Contractors will be required to report to the University their success in providing opportunities to local minority subcontractors. 

Contractor’s Minority Outreach Program

Bidding and RFP’s

All bidders or respondents shall submit a copy of their company’s proposed minority outreach plans and goals as well as a list of proposed minority subcontractors as part of their bid submittal.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification.  Minority plans submitted as part of an RFP process will be evaluated and used as selection criteria.

Submittal shall include at a minimum:

1.  Company’s MBE and WBE Procurement plans;
2.  Name and title of the person responsible for administration of its MBE and WBE programs;
3.  Name, address, and phone number of each MBE and WBE it plans to utilize in connection with this Agreement;
4.  Name of the organization or agency that certified the minority or women owned status of each MBE or WBE utilized (e.g. Southern Florida Minority Supplier Development Council (SFMSDC), Women’s Business Development Council (WBDC), State of Florida, Office of Diversity, or U.S. Small Business Administration(SBA);

MOP reporting requirements and template.  Contractor also agrees to host or participate in various UM minority outreach events designed to provide opportunities for minority subcontractors to introduce their firms and to pre-qualify for work.

Construction Managers (CM at Risk with a GMP)

The Construction Manager shall develop and maintain a minority outreach program throughout the duration of the project and shall work with the University to improve participation and success of the program.


All Contractors and Construction Managers shall report their success on a monthly basis and will use the attached format when doing so.  Reporting requirements shall include percentage of total contract awarded to what minority designation and by trade, number of opportunities offered to minority bidders, etc.