Green Building Initiatives

Green Building Initiatives

In 2007 President Shalala signed a pledge to the Talloiries Declaration of the Association of University Leaders for a Sustainable Future and the American College and University President's Climate Commitment.  The University is home to the first high-rise in South Florida that was designed and built for energy efficiency and sustainability.

The Design and Construction department has taken the lead in ensuring that our buildings are constructed in a sustainable manner.  The department has LEED certified 1.2M SF of Green Buildings to date and is in the process of developing an additional 727K SF of LEED certified facilities.  We are in the process of "greening" our building component standards so that any sized project or repair is also environmentally responsible.

Sustainable Building Policy

In support of the University's commitment to a high level of environmental stewardship and social values, it is the policy of the University of Miami's Design and Construction department to plan, design, construct, manage, renovate and maintain its facilities in a sustainable manner.  This policy applies to all new construction and all major renovations.  All projects shall consider sustainability issues including site design, water and energy efficiency, the use of products and materials that minimize environmental impact and indoor air quality.  All contractors, architects and other vendors shall be required to participate in this team effort to minimize the impact of University construction projects on the environment.

The US Green Building Council's LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Building Rating System, which establishes guidelines and evaluated environmental sustainability of buildings, will be the design and measurement standard. Specifically:

  • All new buildings shall be designed and constructed in a manner to attempt to reach a minimum standard of LEED Silver rating.
  • Projects will strive to achieve a higher level than LEED Silver whenever possible.
  • Major renovation of existing buildings where major portions or floors of the facility and infrastructure are upgraded shall be designed and constructed in a manner to attempt to reach a minimum standard of LEED Silver rating.
  • Minor renovations shall follow good sustainable design practices and shall comply with the University of Miami Building Component Standards.
  • University of Miami Building Component Standards shall be updated regularly to include the latest Green Building components and standards as deemed acceptable by Design and Construction and Physical Plant.  All projects shall follow the standards whenever possible.
  • Contractors and Architects shall employ, whenever possible, LEED accredited staff to assist in the management and documentation of design and construction activities for LEED certification.