Initiating a Project

Design & Construction will work with you, from start to finish, in carrying out your project. Whether you are renovating your offices or planning a new facility, Design and Construction has the resources to help you realize a successful project.

Initiating a Project

From time to time a School or Department within the University comes up with an idea to renovate, expand, or begin planning efforts to accommodate future growth. This area will give clients a background on how to develop a plan and, with the assistance of Design & Construction, progress ideas towards construction.

Where Do I Start?

First, if your idea involves vacating space and/or moving into another space, it is advisable to discuss the concept with the Provost and/or Sr. Vice President. It is unfortunate when planning dollars are expended only to discover that the vacant room you were planning to move into has already been slated for another department. The Provost and Sr. Vice President are responsible for all University space allocations.

The projects are handled through the office of Design & Construction.  After you have some idea of what you want to build or renovate, the next step is to contact Design and Construction either by phone at 305-284-6726 or via e-mail to Jim Durante.

After contacting Design & Construction or submitting the project initiation form, you will be contacted to set up a project initiation meeting. Your assigned a project manager who will familiarize you with the project delivery process and discuss your project’s specific needs.