Interior Design Guidelines

University of Miami Interior Design Standards (IMIDG)

The principal purpose of the University of Miami Interior Design Guidelines (UMIDG) are to ensure that the University’s interiors spaces possess a consistent identity while also reinforcing the University brand.

Supplementing the development of the University of Miami’s Building Standards and Campus Interior Signage Standards, these guidelines have been developed as a practical tool for the design of interior spaces within University facilities. All new interior design work throughout the University should use and adhere to these guidelines inclusive of all campuses, hospitals (UHealth) and the Gables One Tower.  These guidelines are standard policy of the University and are available via the Internet on the Facilities Design and Construction website.

The University of Miami Interior Design Guidelines are administered and fall under the jurisdiction of the Office of the University Architect. The Office of the University Architect releases updates to the guidelines at the beginning of each calendar year.


The Office of the University Architect has assembled a selection of materials and finishes palette intended to function as a basis for the University’s Interior Design Guidelines, supporting the University’s legacy and branding through standardization.  Recent projects demonstrate a new brand cohesiveness consistent with the University’s Visual Identity Manual, while maintaining regard for end user needs, budget and maintenance.

The University Interior Design Guidelines were presented to the University’s Buildings and Grounds Committee (BAG) on March 28, 2013, receiving a unanimous approval by respective members.  The guidelines were represented using interior renderings and pictures, along with material finishes samples of future and completed projects for all campuses.

On April 18, 2013, the Interior Design Guidelines were presented in the same manner to the President, the Provost and the Budget Office, where materials and palette were also approved.

The UHealth interior guidelines were presented to the University of Miami Hospital (UMH) on April 9, 2013 and Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center (SCCC) on April 15, 2014. Leadership from both hospitals supported the new interior branding palette by directing their incorporation into future projects.UHealth finishes will be incorporated in The Lennar Foundation Medical Center.

Project Approval Protocol

All planned interior renovations whether conceptual in nature, major and/or minor, shall follow the University’s protocol for budget approval.  Upon project approval, Design and Construction will assign a project manager to steer the process, whereby interior designer from the Office of the University Architect shall be assigned to the project to assist commissioned design (if applicable) and University stakeholders with interior planning, furniture, finishes and equipment (FFE).

The Office of the University Architect should be contacted for assistance and/or guidance where the scope of work is limited to furniture purchases only.